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TALUS: new explorations

Pierre Schaeffer stated in a 1969 interview:

“I prefer an experiment, even aborted, to a successful oeuvre ”

With this sentence in mind, on 5 February 2023 L'Impero della Luce inaugurated TALUS, a traveling series of performances dedicated to experiment and the anti-comfortable. As in a game of dice, TALUS is an act of trust performed by the performers to erase the serenity of known paths; it is uncomfortable wild exploration, spontaneity of chance, randomness, uncertain fate, fortuitousness, life, events in places, people and the environment.


The first episode of Talus – TALUS#1 – came to life on the radio frequencies of Usmaradio – research and radio center of the University of San Marino – thanks to the Radio Residency hosted at Giardini Pensili Studio (Rimini). During the 3-day Radio Residency organized by Usmaradio, L'Impero della Luce explored the electromagnetic landscape of Hanging Gardens, testing the secret voice of the electric current of the equipment and environments of the Studio to build on site – through the exclusive use of electrical objects belonging to the Studio Radiofonico spaces - an original sound composition proposed live on Usmaradio on Sunday 5 February.

With Talus, L'Impero della Luce has decided to completely abandon the sound devices usually used in live performances - an affectionate and well-known electromagnetic lutherie in use since 2018 - to replace them with unknown objects found in the performance venues. TALUS#1 envisaged the use of a boiler, a cast iron radiator, a table lamp, the studio mixer, a wifi station, an old cathode ray tube television.

TALUS is therefore an act of trust carried out by the performers who, by renouncing the known tools, erase the serenity of the already known paths; TALUS is uncomfortable wild exploration.

The next episode of the TALUS series will take place in Catania, welcomed by Teatro Coppola, on March 24th: TALUS#2 will be composed using the electrical objects made available by the audience of the Coppola Theater. The process of creating the musical work will be open to the public, who will be able to attend the rehearsals during the days of residence preceding the concert. Attendees of Coppola are invited to bring into the spaces of the Theater - by 21 March - electrical and electronic objects of daily use such as:

• table lamps • power supplies / current transformers • clock radios • CRT televisions • fans • …

L’Impero della Luce will borrow these objects which that – appropriately amplified – will become real musical instruments and be used to give life to the concert open to the public on March 24th. The items on loan will be returned intact at the end of the performance.

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