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About Us

L'Impero della Luce [The Empire of Light] is an Italian duo devoted to experimentation and musical research founded in 2018 by Johann Merrich and eeviac. Through the techniques of electromagnetic induction, L'Impero della Luce explores the sounds of the electric current emitted and dispersed by human technologies.

In 2019, L'Impero della Luce was chosen to be part of the international network Keychange. Since 2020, it has officially collaborated with SOMA Laboratory, presenting to listeners the fascinating appeal of Ether.


We don't shake hands

• featured track in Dio Drone xmas mixtape VII [Dio Drone, 2019]

Il Mare di Dirac

• full-length album [selfreleased, 2020]

Bitter Sweet Doomsday

• Tommaso Mantelli feat. L'Impero della Luce, live at Lesder Studio [Shyrec 2022]

Lesder Sessions #1 Black Redstart

• with: Sicker Man, Kiki Bohemia, Snare Drum Exorcism, AMA [BlankRecords 2021]


• Tommaso Mantelli feat. L'Impero della Luce, in 14 Dinosaur Songs [Shyrec 2022]

What we hear

L'Impero della Luce has chosen to focus its research on the original material of electronic music: the electric current.

Almost all electrical devices continuously emit sounds that we cannot perceive with our naked ears: it's the voice of the electromagnetic fields produced by windings or of the electrical dispersion emitted by the circuits. Lamps, fans, electric toothbrushes, power supplies, radio alarm clocks, CD players, televisions... every electric object has a silent voice. Through particular devices, L'Impero della Luce amplifies these sounds making them audible: drawn in purity, the electric current thus amplified is organized in real time to create compositions and sound narrations.


L'Impero della Luce considers the secret sounds of the daily electric soundscape a natural expression of the Anthropocene; implemented by technology, our listening can perceive the aesthetic dignity and wonder of sounds often considered unpleasant – such as the buzzing of neon or the hiss of our areas urban – which are transformed, by means of our intentional listening, into contemporary electric forests.


L’Impero della Luce  live at Monumental Cemetery of Certosa (Bologna, IT) – Picture © Alberto Alvisi 2022

"​A meditative music which makes it almost impossible to continue ordinary life"
"An indispensable sound form to give a dress to the anguish of the present".
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