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What can you do with a pile of electric junk? What does the silence of grandma's clock radio sound like? Can an electric toothbrush charger get as loud as a trap beat trap? Where is the boundary between noise and hypnotic musical composition?


Tales of electric voices

Thanks to the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, L'Impero della Luce creates experimental compositions in real time by organizing the sounds of electricity produced by everyday objects, retracing the enthusiasm of the first pioneers who were able to give voice to the electric current: Alfred Graham​ – among the first to use voltage control in 1895 – and William Du Bois Duddell (1899), pioneer of Voltaic Arc sonorities.

The musical production of L'Impero della Luce [The Empire of Light] comes from the use of dismissed technologies - old power supplies, radio alarm clocks, CD players, CRT televisions - and small daily devices - lamps, fans, electric toothbrushes.


L'Impero della Luce prefers unusual locations for its performances – es: cemeteries (Certosa di Bologna, luglio 2022); medieval dungeons (Tallinn Music Week, ottobre 2021);  ancient paper mills (Cartiera di Vas, settembre 2020); museums (XIX Century Museum, Venice Mestre 2019; SMO, San Pietro in Natisone 2019; Museo Civico di Asolo, 2019); churches (Chiesa di San Gregorio, L'Arsenale Festival, 2019); steam trains (Il Treno di John Cage, Bologna-Porretta Terme, 2019).

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