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Lago Film Fest 2023

Lago Film Fest – this year in its nineteenth edition – is a place in the heart of us: we have frequented it for years, and we have had the opportunity to go there in various capacities – as simple spectators, performers, jurors. If you've never been there a presentation is warranted, but it is even more true that if you don't know Lago Film Fest, you have to drop by – you have time from 21 to 29 July.

Don't you wonder where it is?

The most loyal spectators and audiences call it only "Lago", thus merging the identity of Lago Film Fest with the location's name: the small village of Lago. Firstly, Lago is a place, a tiny village located on the north shore of Lago Lake (Lago in Italian means "lake"... so in English it would sound like: the Lake Lake...). Lago village is a handful of beautiful stone houses, and it seams to come from a fairytale written by the Grimm brothers. Lago is an enchanted place and the homonymous Film Fest doubles its magic: everyone remember the Venetian gondola that – for some editions – crossed the calm waters of the lake, taking the visitors sailing in the moonlight, right up to the reconstructions of an ancient stilt house part of the nearby Livelet Archeological Parc ...

If you have never been to Lago, you must know that in the surroundings there are a million beautiful things to see (fast-fast example: Cison di Valmarino and the Abbey of Follina). To make a long story super short: Lago Film Fest is located in Veneto – in northern Italy, more precisely in Lago village, on Lago lake, nearby Revine Lago / Tarzo (Treviso).


Lago Film Fest is an independent festival of researched cinema or, to say it better:

"a festival that develops through competing films, thematic focuses, fireworks, the dialogic festival meetings, the B.I.D. Barefoot Industry Days, the days dedicated to film industry professionals, and the expanded creativity of the Borgo.
9 days of films, of directors of the future and present, artistic contaminations, meetings and proposals that think of cinema as an evolving territory".

Each year, Lago hits our hearts, sculpting our souls with visions and bondages; this summer, a special thought will be addressed to Maestro Federico Savina, the man in the shadow of many iconic soundtracks of the history of Italian cinema that did not miss an edition of Lago Film Fest. We are already missing his presence and his kindness to always satisfy the curiosity of cinephiles, sharing with anyone who wanted his anecdotes full of experience and his adventurous life in the world of sound for cinema.

Thank you Maestro!

A welcoming & creative home

Lago is for us a trigger of creativity, a place of trust ready to welcome proposals and experiments in a closed box, always with open arms: it was thanks to an invitation from Lago [2019] that we had the chance to work on Metropolis by Fritz Lang, thus creating an interesting sonorization also proposed in several Italian museums – such as: SMO Museo del Paesaggio Sloveno [thanks to Hybrida Festival]; M9 - Museo del 900 [thanks to Veneto Jazz], and Asolo Civic Museum.

Again thanks to Lago’s trust, we were able to offer to the listeners the electronic constructions of a dear friend and fellow, GAŁ GAŁ - with us in a special & secret concert at the Livelet in 2021.

La meravigliosa location del concerto con GAŁ GAŁ al Parco del Livelet nel 2021

Electric Forests at Lago

We are therefore very happy to announce that our Electric Forests - guided and performative exploration of electromagnetic sounds - this year will be welcomed by Lago Film Fest: On 22 and 23 July we will propose a total of 6 rounds to discover the secret sound of the electromagnetic landscape of Lake Film Fest in the company of our loyal SOMA Ether models.

ETHER is a kind of anti-radio. Instead of being tuned to a specific radio station, it receives all the interference and radiation that a traditional radio tries to eliminate in order to create a clean signal. It captures the radio waves “as is” from hertz to gigahertz because it doesn’t contain the tuned input circuit that filters out all frequencies except the narrow band of a specific station. This allows ETHER to perceive the invisible electromagnetic landscape that humans created unintentionally, making possible live electromagnetic field listening and recording. As the inspiration for this project, I took the design of the very first radios (early 1900s) that had no tuning wheel.

Booking is mandatory and given the very limited number of places, we recommend to hurry.

With the Lago One Main Ticket [16,00 €] you will be asked to support the Electric Forests with an additional contribution of 10,00 € at the end of the experience.

If you enter Lago Film Fest with the Film Only Ticket [12,00 €] you will be asked to support the Electric Forests additional contribution of 20,00 € at the end of the experience.



See you in Lago?

We can't wait!

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