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Electric Postcards

We are happy to travel with curious ears. When we run in the thresholds of supermarkets, factories, bars, and hotels we wonder: how will that LED screen sound? Do the traffic lights in Stockholm have the same sound as those in Padua? What is the sound of a small village tobacco distributor? Sometimes these sound collections become a composition, other times they remain part of a travel diary.

Tallinn – Nordic Forum Hotel
Stoccolma – Incrocio stradale
Padova – Vetrina
Santarcangelo – Bagno pubblico

ICalcite, Onyx, Hawaii, Tabacco (380V) was created inside the Bonotto Foundation and the homonymous textile factory. It was composed thanks to the recording of the sounds of electric current and electromagnetic fields produced by the machinery of the production chain and by the installations guarded by the Foundation. The video was made with shots taken inside the factory, rendered graphic and abstract through digital manipulations to look for a visual way to represent by analogy the transposition of sound from the acoustic field to the electromagnetic one.

Calcite, Onyx, Hawaii, Tabacco (380V) is collected in our first album, "Il Mare di Dirac" available at Bandcamp

Greatings from...

Tallinn - EE - October 2021

Padua - IT - July 2021

Stockholm - SE - February 2020

Osteria da Tocchetto - IT - August 2020

Santarcangelo di Romagna - IT - August 2019

Molvena (VI) Bonotto's Foundation and Factory - September 2019

Christmas Lights - December 2018

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