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Listening cartographies from imaginary lands

Atlas is a 6 tracks sound organization that reveal and transform the electromagnetic geographies of 6 different spaces.  Thanks to particular devices, inaudible frequencies – radiated by the electrical and electronic technologies of an exhibition, a factory, a First World War bunker, a tavern, a large city and a radio research center – were made audible and mapped. Thus amplified, the electromagnetic voices of industries, refrigerators, projectors, traffic lights, ventilation systems, etc. were recorded and re-organized via software, generating 6 autonomous pieces of music.

Those of Atlas are fantastic sound spaces built starting from concrete geographies, they are auditory cartographies of imaginary continents that can only exist in the time of collective listening: the Atlas collection was conceived to be disseminated and enjoyed between of October - December 2024 through radio streaming and does not wish to be in any way a recording project or a product for sale.

You can listen a preview of Atlas here:


1. Come in un film. Oggetti nel firmamento / Like a movie. Objects in the firmament

Electromagnetic sound material recorded inside the exhibition spaces of the  “Alabarde Spaziali. 60 anni di fantascienza a Trieste” [Space Halberds. 60 years of science fiction in Trieste] curated by Trieste Science + Fiction Festival. Castello di San Giusto,Trieste [IT]. 2024

2. Calcite, Hawaii, Onyx, Tabacco

Created with the electromagnetic sounds of the textile factory and the artworks kept at the Bonotto Foundation, Molvena (Vicenza, IT), in 2019. [Second edition, excerpt from the album "Il Mare di Dirac/Dirac Sea" to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Bonotto Foundation]. 

3. Bunker 5 Brigata Lucca / Bunker 5 Lucca Brigade

Recorded inside the Bunker n°5, Ciano del Montello (Treviso, IT) in 2023. Soundwork selected by Audiomanzia, project curated by the Centro d’Arte of the University of Padua in collaboration with SaMPL – Sound and Music Processing Lab, Pollini Conservatory. [Recorded with SOMA Ether].

4. Requiem

The track was created with the sounds of the electromagnetic fields emitted by all those devices that kept the "Osteria da Tocchetto" (Montebelluna, Treviso, IT) alive, a tavern born in the last century and definitively closed in March 2023.

5. TBA

Under processing. The track will be created using the electromagnetic sounds that will be captured at Giardini Pensili, USMARADIO studio, Rimini.

6. Baltic Sea

Organization of urban electromagnetic sounds of the city of Tallinn recorded with the exclusive use of SOMA Ether during the 2021 Tallinn Music Week, on the occasion of the presentation of the first album of L'Impero della Luce "Il Mare di Dirac".


Atlas is not an album, nor a promotional strategy or a product for sale.

The Atlas collection was designed to be disseminated and enjoyed starting from 17 October 2024 exclusively through radio streaming.


The diffusion of Atlas through a web radio network will be the only way to listen to this new soundwork.


This is a choice that reflects hypotheses and possible answers, it is one of the paths of a labyrinth of thoughts that includes questions such as: what is the meaning of the record market today?

What are the ways in which we enjoy and consume our music?

Could the radio be – in the new century – the main vehicle for the diffusion of a certain type of sound language? Or can it become one again, guaranteeing the survival of experimental languages?


The way of enjoyment designed for Atlas reverberates our vision of a heterodyne music that moves randomly across geographies and over time, fatally colliding with the listeners' ears, just as a particle would with the others in its infinite wandering.

Do you run a radio or web radio show?
Participate in Atlas dissemination: book a date and broadcast our new work


Atlas will be broadcast as a world premiere by Usmaradio on 17 October 2024.


If you wish to broadcast Atlas  - full lenght or just a part of it - fill out the form below or send an email to:

we will be happy to check the availability and send you the required audio and promo materials.


Thank you for your interest, we will reply as soon as possible.

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